WPX Hosting Black Friday 2020 | 95% OFF Or FREE 3 Month [LIVE]

Hey, are you looking for WPX hosting Black Friday deals?

If yes, then you are on right track because on this article I’m gonna share a short review of WPX hosting and their Black Friday sale.

So if, you are interested to buy WPX hosting then you have to read this article till the end to know the Features and Amazing Discounts & Offers links.

Before starting the short review of WPX Hosting I want to know that Which web hosting are you Using, How much Traffic your website have or your hosting company Maintains your Uptime or not.

If your Website has a Good number of Traffic and you are making money from this then you have to go with WPX Hosting

because this Web hosting is Extremely Fast then others but Its Quite Premium and its not Affordable for everyone.

If you are Beginners and you don’t have money then I m not Recommended you to buy WPX Hosting you may Go with other Web hosting like Hostinger, Bluehost, HostGator & GreenGeeks these Companies Provide Shared hosting with Low Price that’s can Be Affordable For Every beginner.

WPX hosting Black Friday
WPX Plans

Regular Price

Black Friday Offer




$1.24/mo or 3 Month Free



$2.49/mo or 3 Month Free



$4.95/mo or 3 Month Free

WPX Hosting is the most popular and Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Company in the World its Gives you the Super Fast load Speed Experience with high Security then Others.

WPX Hosting is Quit Costly but the Service they give you that’s justified the price, they give you Best WordPress Managed Web Hosting Recommend by Thrive Theme.

WPX hosting Black Friday

How to Activate WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2020

This is a very easy process to Activate WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals So you Don’t worry I give you Complete Process Step by Step.

  • Click here to Activate your WPX Hosting Black Friday deal.
  • Now you can choose your preferred plans according to your Affordability, I recommend you to go with their professional plan because in this Plan you get more Storage and Features.
  • Now Enter your Existing Domain Name or choose a Good Domain name and Click To proceed
  • Now Choose  Billing cycle
  • And Just Fill up your Billing detail and click on ” Check out ” to grab WPX Hosting Black Friday deal.
  • Congratulations on making A Good Decision and choosing a Best Hosting.

Pricing of WPX Hosting

Now let’s talk about their price with some Important and useful features that are WPX Hosting Offers Us.

On this Black Friday week, WPX Hosting offers 95% OFF on their first Month or If you go with their annual plan then WPX Hosting gives you 3 month FREE Hosting.

If we talk about WPX Hosting plans then Basically they have three plans like Business, Professional, and Elite Plans.

Business Plan

If you are just building an authority blog and you are earning from that or Just making a Professional blog with High speed then I recommended you to Go with their Business Plans.

In this Plan, you will get 10 GB Storage with 100GB Bandwith and You can host 5 Websites on this Plans and It will manage All websites with Great Speed you don’t get any Issues on your any Website.

If we talk about their Price then on the regular Days WPX Hosting’s Business plans cost around $24.99/ month but if you Purchase theirs plans on Black Friday Week then you will get Upto 90% OFF on their all plans and its will cost around $1.25/Month only.

So If you want this Discount then you may Go with this Discount Link WPX Hosting 95% OFF.

Professional Plan

If you want Great performance on you more than 5 Website then you may go with their Professional plans because on this plan you will get 20GB Storage with 200GB Bandwidth and More advanced Features you will get From this Plan.

So if we talk about their price then WPX Hosting gives you these plans $49.99/month on regular Days But if you Purchase theirs plans on Black Friday Week then its only cost around $2.49/Month and its Affordable For everyone and its Save your Money a lot.

Elite Plans

Hey, this plan is So much Premium and it gives You amazing performance like If your Website has a Huge number of Traffic and you are making money from them then you have to Go with their Elite plan.

Elite plan can Easily Handle your High Traffic because on this plan WPX Hosting Offers 40GB storage with Unlimited Bandwidth and you can Host Upto 35 Website and its Huge.

If we talk about their price then on Regular days its costs around $99.99/Month but if you Buy their plans on Black Friday week then its only cost upto $4.95/ Month.

So we talk about their Plans and Pricing Now let’s check their Amazing Features that’s WPX Hosting Offers us on their Black Friday Sale.

Reason for Choosing WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal

  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Skyrocket Speed
  • Amazing Support
  • Daily Backup
  • Free SSL & Free Site Migration
  • 30 days Money Back guarantee

99.99% Uptime & Skyrocket Speed

you may know that a Good Speed of Website can Easily Rank your blog and Speed is One of the Important factors on SEO, WPX Hosting Gives you an Amazing Load time speed compared to other Big Hosting Company.

If you want to Load your Blog Quickly then I recommended you go with WPX Hosting and after Optimization, your blog gives you amazing Results.

Now many Bloggers have lost their Audience because their hosting Can’t handle So much Audience at a time and their Uptime is Going down but On that WPX Hosting gives you 99.99% Uptime Guarantee and Manage you all Audience on your Blog and Gives you amazing Speed experience.

I also Use this Hosting Upto 2 months and it really gives me amazing Performance and also Rank my blog so if your Website has a good amount of traffic and you don’t want to lose them because of the Speed then You have to Go with WPX Hosting.

Amazing Customer Support & Daily Backup

Now if I give you my Experience with their Customer Support then it’s Really Helpful and Its Gives you Good Support of 24/7 days so if you have any problems then you can go and contact them they will provide you with helping Article related your Issues.

So if you Choose WPX Hosting then I will give you surety that you will never Unimpressed with WPX Hosting Customer Support.

WPX Hosting Gives you Daily Backup Features so You can easily Backup your Database with daily Schedule and you can also chat with their support to backup or Restore your Database.

Free SSL & Free Site Migration

Now if we talk about their Security then they give you Free SSL certificate so your Website always Open with High Security

Many Bloggers have faced the issue of site Migration and it’s Really Frustrating also so you don’t have to worry about that you have to Just Chat your support and they will Easily Migrate your Entire Website from one Hosting to other and it’s Free Of cost.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

WPX Hosting Offers 30 days Money Back Guarantee so if you don’t Like their Hosting Service then you can Easily Apply for Refund and they can Easily Refund your Money Within 7 Days.

FAQ related to GreenGeeks black friday deal

How To Activate WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal?

if you want to grab Wpx hosting then you have to just click on the Given Activation Link below Activate WPX Hosting Black Friday 95% OFF

IF i don’t like WPX hosting then can i get My money back?

yes,WPX Hosting offers 30days Money Back guarantee so if you don’t like their services then you can apply for Refund easily and they Compete Refund under 7 days.

What Is WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal?

WPX Hosting is most popular and Premium wordpress manged histing Company and its offer 95% OFF for first month on their Black Friday week

Is WPX Hosting Offer Any Free Trail?

yes, WPX Hosting offer upto 3 month of free tail

Final Thought

So if you want a Highy Fast WEB Server then you have to go with WPX Hosting Because this WEB Hosting can handle Huge traffic easily.

Did you Decide to buy it oR not ? I Recommend you to go with WPX Hosting. I Have a Offer for you where you will get upto 95% OFF or 3 Month FREE Hosting to Grab this offer you have to just go with the Offer butoon given below.

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