8 “Proven” Ways to Make Money online from your Blog with WordPress

Are you looking for the top ways to make money online from your blog?

WordPress is the largest Publishing Platform in the world, and runs over 30% of all Websites.

You can Easily Build your Blog on WordPress and Earn money By doing Blogging as you want.

In this Article, I Share some Proven ways to Make Money online From your Blog with WordPress.

Note: On this Article I Share Some Proven Ways to Make Money online From Blog that aren’t  “Get Quick Rich” Scheme.

So If you are Looking from “Get Quick Rich” Scheme then You can Check other Blogs.

On the Internet there are many Guys that Fooled people by Showing their Pictures of Expensive Cars, iPhones and Mansions and Selling their Training Courses. 

These all are Scam Don’t go with that its Waste of your time and your money.

But on the Other side,There are many Genuine articles are Published on the internet that’s Share the Ultimate Guide on how to Make Money from your Blog at Home, Using Blogging and WordPress.

Many of the Methods Need Investment of Time and Money to Get Started, But as Long you put effort on it you will Get Started Money For Long time.

Before you can start Using any of these methods, You will need your WordPress blog. We Share a Step by Step Guide on How to Start a Blog within 20 Min.

Once you set up your blog in WordPress with Good Hosting, then you are Ready to Follow this Guide.

When you think about how to make money through your blog, Ads often come First in your mind. But There are many ways to monetize your blog, Some of the ways are given below.

#1 Make money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the Best way to Generate High Income from Low Traffic from your Blog.

Affiliate Marketing is like you are Promoting another’s product or Service to your Audience Using an affiliate Tracking link, and every time someone buys from your link you will get a Referral Commission.

There are huge list of Products for promote to your audience:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Commision Junction
  • ShareASale

and more…..

From any of them you choose the product to promote, then you need Some plugin in your WordPress blog like ThirstyAffiliate to manage your affiliate links.

In Internet affiliate Marketing is the Best way to Make lots of money from Low traffic, you will get upto 50$ per sale in some Affiliate Programs.

#2 Display Google Adsense Ads

make money from blog

At this time Google Adsense ads are an Easy way to make money from your blog. You have to just Sign-up Google adsense with your WordPress blog and Request for Approval.

One you will be approved then you will be able to Show Google Adsense ads on your Blog and Earn Lots of money.

Maximum Blogger Uses Google Adsense as a second Money making Source from their blog. Google Adsense is the best way to start Income from your blog.

How did you Earn from Google Adsense?

You will get paid for Every time a user clicks on the Ads you placed in your blog.

Buy before joining Google Adsense Must Read their Policies it will help you to Earn money without getting Problems.

You can also Go for Google Adsense Alternative like media.net .

#3 Write Sponsored Blog Posts

As you Know that how irritating Google ads are, they change the Look of the Website and they Popup anywhere in your website, they Slow Down your Website Speed.

Because of this most of the pro Blogger doesn’t Show Google Ads on their Website.

Sponsored ship is the Alternative way to Monetize your Blog.

From Writing a Sponsored blog post you can also Make lots of money, how?

Lets Me explain in easy way,

On this you have to Write a Detailed Post about any Products with their Features and for this their Company Pay you some Money.

Some Company Pay upto 100$ For just only one Post.

#4 Make money from Selling EBooks

Selling EBook, From this you can also Generate great Income. They are relatively simple to writing and produce. 

If you are Doing Blogging for a long time then you can Collect some of your Old Blog posts and turn them into a Chapter of your EBook.

Now just Make a Design of your EBook cover using any tool like Canva, Pixelab, Photoshop etc and create PDF of your Book.

WordPress allow to sell digital products easily with Ecommerce wordpress plugin.

For digital download, You can go with Easy Digital Download Plugin. Its Easy to use and gave you all features you need to create a Store.

#5 Selling Online Courses

Selling Online Courses is another way to generate income from your blog & make more money then selling Books because Courses have more price points than ebooks.

You have to just create a lesson of your course, Design of course and Add any Supporting system and the Download section of your courses.

You can also add any premium Support Section where you will share some Proven tips and a Email or chat support.

Now once your course is ready then use any Learning management system plugin to Live your course to your audience.

#6 Offer Freelance Service

make money from blog

Freelancing is the Most popular way to generate income because it doesn’t need investment to start Freelancing service.

If you are a blogger then you have a skill to find niches, know about SEO, Creating backlinks and from this you can start a good income by offering your Skills.

Many platforms give you Opportunity to create your Freelancer Profile with no cost, Like Fiverr, Upwork & Freelancing etc.

But if you have your own blog or website and you want to start your freelancing service online then you need  way to collect payment and invoices. 

There are many plugins are available thats help you to collect payment or invoices but i recommend you to use Freshbook.

#7 Start Ecommerce Business

On Online stores you have no limits of Audience and No limits of Income from yours Online store you can make lots of money Per months.

If you want to start your online business then this is the right time to create your online store Using wordpress Woocommerce Plugin.

You have to just Need a Domain & Good web hosting Service iike Siteground or Wpx hosting, These are the best hosting for Online Business it can easily handle upto 100000+ Monthly Visitors for your store easily without any Downtime.

But starting an online store needs lots of work on it, it takes time but once you finish you can easily Handle your Online store.

To Start your online business or store you have to use the WoCommerce WordPress plugin or you can go with their alternatives Shopify or BigCommerce.

#8 Create an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Shop

Creating an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Shop is the best way to Earn lots of money without selling your own products or Investing in any type of dropshipping.

To Make money from amazon affiliate shop, First you need to join amazon affiliate program then they give you your affiliate Tracking links, which you can use to earn commission when someone buys any products through your affiliate Links.

But you have to invest in hosting and a good domain name for your Amazon affiliate shop. I recommend you to go with Siteground or Wpx hosting. These are the best web hosting for business websites, they can handle upto 100000+ Traffic at a month Easily.


Hey i think you Learn all the simplest and proven ways to make money from your WordPress Blog but this is not the end. There are so many Sources where you can generate passive money.

Which of the ways you like the most or you r using it to Genetrate income from your blog, Let me know in the Comment Box.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost incurred to you.

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