30+ Google Factors: Increase Website Traffic

Didn’t Get Traffic from Google or You Don’t Know How to Increase or Drive traffic on your Website?

Don’t Worry after Reading this Post you will be able to Increase traffic on your website.

If you Want to Bring Traffic to your Blog or Website then you have to Do a proper SEO on Your Blog but if you Don’t know Anything about SEO and Google ranking factor then be with me i will Guide you on Upcoming paragraphs.

On this Article Im Gonna share 30+ Google Ranking Factors that help you to Bring traffic on your blog easily through Doing SEO Only.

Let me tell you in a short way about SEO,

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice to get traffic to any website through Search Engines Organically.

SEO helps your Site’s ranking in their Search Engine (Google) basically you have to do some common tasks on SEO like, Create High quality Content, Optimize your Content with Focus keyword, Create High Quality Backlinks.

If you want traffic from Google then you have to do SEO on your blog. So Let’s talk about What are the factors of Google that help to Improve SEO ranking in their Search Engine.

Factors Effect Ranking on Google #1

There are more than 200+ ranking factors of Google but we share some Most Proven Factors that you can easily Implement on your Blog and Make your website Fully SEO Optimized.

One thing you have to Understand all the factors and Implement Organically on your Blog don’t Over Optimize they will hurt your ranking.

So Let’s Dive in,

Domain Factors

Domain ranking factors

Some Domain’s related factors are given below that you have to apply before Buying any domain to Improve your Blog ranking faster than others.

#1 Country TLD extension: If you want to rank your website on a particular country then you have to choose you Country level domain ( .in, .us, .pk ) but its Limit your traffic, So always try to Use Top level Domain extension like (.com, .net, .org) domain.

#2 Domain Age: Google consider Domain registers for Longer than 1 year are more trustworthy thats why always try to Buy Expired domain to rank your site faster.

#3 Keyword Appears in Domain: Keywords appearing on your Domain don’t give your SEO boost. But it still acts as a relevancy signal.

ON Page Ranking Factor

On page ranking factors

This is the Most Important factor thats you have to Surely Implement on your website because this is the most Common SEO ranking factor so if you don’t Implement on your website then you’re Losing your Organic traffic from Google.

#1 Keyword in Title Tag: You have to add Keyword on your Post Title and this help crawler of Google to understand about the Article, Always try to add Keyword on your post Title.

#2 Keyword in meta description tag: Google doesn’t use the meta description tag as a direct ranking signal. Adding keywords on your Meta description helps the Crawler to understand about your Blog post and it also helps to gain More clicks from Search engine.

#3 Keywords in H1 tag: H1 tag is a relevant factor, H1 tags are a “second title tag”. Along with your title tag, Google uses your H1 tag as a secondary relevancy signal, according to results from one correlation study.

#4 Title Tag Starts with Keyword: According to Moz, Keywords appear from the starting of the title tag its gives you better ranking then the keywords appears in the middle or last.

#5 The Length of the Content: Always try to create a Quality and Informative blogs post with almost 1500+ words or More you Write.Google algorithm prefer Longer content than Shorter because Sercher does not satisfy with Shorter Content because of less information.

#6 Table of Contents: Using a linked table of contents can help Google better understand your page’s content.

#7 Keyword Density: It’s not as Important but, Its helps the Google’s Crawler to Understand the Topic of your Content, So Implement your Focus keyword on your Blog Post Naturally, Don’t add More its Hurts your Ranking.

#8 Page Loading Speed: Speed also an Important Factor according to google its help users to get Content faster than others. Make your website loading speed faster upto 1sec to max 3sec fully page.

#9 Duplicate content: Not all factors can give your rankings in a positive way. Having Duplicate content across various pages of your site can actually hurt your rankings. Avoid duplicating content and write original copy for each page.

#10 Image Optimization: Images also rank on google and it brings lots of traffic from it, Optimize your blogs post images with Alt text, Name, Description about the image its help google to understand the property of the particular Image.

#11 Keyword in H2, H3 Tags: Keywords appears in subheading in H2, H3 format gives a relevance signal to google.These tags helps the structure of the page.

#12 Outbound Link: This helps to gain trust signals from others authority website; and Google thinks your website as a trusted website.

#13 Grammar and spelling: Proper Grammar and spelling gives your Content as a Quality signal, Google always recommend to give a Quality Content with no grammar and spelling mistakes.

#14 Multimedia: Images, videos and other multimedia elements may act as a content quality signal. 

#15 Quality of Internal Links Pointing to Page: Getting Internal Links from and Authority page on domain gives the strongest effect.

#16 Broken Links: Always try to fix your website pages Broken links hurt your ranking.

#17 Domain Authority: A page with high Domain authority rank higher than a page of low Domain authority.

 #18 Keyword in URL: Include keywords in URL gives a relevance signal to google.Its help Google Crawler to understand the Focus keyword.

OFF Page Factors

Off page ranking factors

Now all these factors help to rank your site outside of your site.

#1 Number of linked Domains: Numbers of linked domains to your website is one of the most important page ranking factors. So always do make good and high authority links.

#2 Number of linking Pages: Number of linking pages to your site is also most major ranking factor.

#3 Domain authority of Linking page: Always try to link your domain with High authority pages. It boosts your ranking in the Search engine (Google).

#4 Links from a Homepage: Some SEOs believe that links from homepage gives more authority than links from pages.

Site Factors

site factors

Some site factors that help your visibility in Search results.

#1 Sitemap: Sitemap helps search engines to index all pages on your blog. It is the most proper way to tell Google about your Blog pages.

#2 Server location: Some SEOs believe that server location Matters to rank sites in Google.

#3 Mobile Optimized Site: Always makes your website responsive to increase your traffic from Google and effect Ranking.

#4 Domain Trust: Trust matters. So you have to build trust on google to your website its help your Ranking, so Upload Quality content in daily basis to build trust.

#5 SSL Certificate: Google always prefers a Secured website with full HTTPS site, always try to Install a Certified and trusted SSL certificate on your site.


Finally on this post we learn about the most important Factors of google thats help to increase your SEO on your blog.

Thease are the some Common task you have to put on your post ever write and also outside on your blog to Rank your Blog Easily.

Always try to make high quality Authority Backlinks for your Blog its help in your Ranking in SERPs.

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