SEMrush Tutorial: Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Using SEMrush

Hey! Does your Website Doesn’t getting traffic and you are Searching for Getting traffic? Must read this SEMrush tutorial.

Want Organic Traffic on your Website through Google & Other Most Popular Search Engines likes Yandex & Bing.

Then you are in the right place, Read this SEMRush Tutorial Because, In the end, you will know all the Features, Tricks to Beat your Competitors, and 10x your website traffic Easily.

SEMRush Review & Tutorial: In this article, I’ve tried to cover all the details about SEMrush with Detailed Images that can help you to understand SEMrush Features.

So, read this article till the last, I have a Surprise for you.

Let’s start SEMRush Tutorial review

What is SEMRush?

SEMRush is the most popular SEO tools that Contain Everything that a Content maker, Blogger, and Internet Marketer Need for their Website

Because they provide Keyword research, rank tracking, competitor analysis, site audit, Backlink audit and many more. On these days there are many SEO tools that are available on the Internet that’s similar to SEMRush but all are not Good as SEMRush.

You know that every tool has its own Pros and Cons

Let’s talk about SEMRush Pros and Cons.

Pros of SEMRush

SEMRush is the Best keyword research tool.
This tool has an On-Page SEO checker.
Topic Research tools are available that can help to find Blog Ideas.
This Tool Have their Own SEO Writing assistance that can help you to write a Fully SEO Optimized Article.
SEO Content Template tool that can Generate a Perfect SEO template for your Article.
On SEMRush you can Find your Toxic Backlinks from Backlink audit.
It’s Provide Best Advertising research toolkit.
and many more…

Cons Of SEMrush

Their Price: SEMRush plans Starts from $99.99/mo and this Price is huge for new Blogger.
It takes some time to learn all SEO tools.

What’s in their SEMRush Toolkit?

In SEMRush you will get 6 Types of Toolkits and Each toolkit have lots of Tools in it.

6 Different Types of Toolkits Available in  SEMRush:

SEO Toolkit
Competitor Analysis Toolkit
Advertising Toolkit
Content Marketing Toolkit
Social Media Toolkit
Management Toolkit

Or each of these toolkits has lots of tools inside it

SEO Toolkit: On SEMRush it has More SEO Tools Inside it like Keyword magic tool, position Tracking, domain overview backlinks, and Many more.

Competitor Analysis Toolkit: On this Toolkit, SEMRush provides many tools like Traffic Analytics, Keyword gap, Backlinks gap, PLA research, and many more tools.

Advertising Toolkit: On this SEO Tool SEMRush offers Advertising Research, PLA research, PPC Keyword Tool, Ad builder, CPC map and More tools are Inside it.

Content Marketing Toolkit: on this Toolkit, you get many tools like Topic Research, SEO content template, Content Audit, Post Tracking, and many more tools are Inside it.

Social Media Toolkit: This SEMRush Provides a Social Media Toolkit like Social Media Tracker and Social Media Posters to save your time.

Management Toolkit: SEMRush Provides Lots of Management Tools on Their Management Toolkit like Projects, My Report, Marketing Calendar notes, and many more.

Lets Check,

Some Amazing Features Of SEMRush:

You can Find your long-tail Keywords Easily
Find Lots of Ideas for Your Blog post in Just a few clicks.
You can audit your entire Website with the help of this tool.
You can easily track the Ranking of your Article.
With this tool, you can easily find Keywords that your Competitors are Ranking.
You can Easily Remove your bad Backlinks from your Website
SEMRush Provides SEO Writing assistance feature they help you to Write SEO Optimized Article
You get weekly E-mail about your Keywords Ranking Status.
and many more

SEMrush Plans: Affordable Or Not?

What you Think About SEMrush is Affordable for Everyone or Not is it Expensive?

I think it’s not, Let me explain to you in Detail why SEMrush is Not Expensive. But First of all Tell me What Do you think, What will be the cost of the Keywords research tool only? Or any Social Media Tool?

You may say that it’s 40-50$ or Above per month!

Let’s takes 8-10$/mo as the Cost of SEMrush offers. Let me tell you that SEMrush Offers 40+ Advanced SEO & Social Media Tools. So if the Cost of Only One tool in SEMrush is 10$ then the Cost of the Overall Tools Which SEMrush offers Should be 400$/mo.

Let’s Take its half, But still, the price of all tools which SEMrush offers will be 200$/mo.

But SEMrush Offers You 40+ advanced SEO tools at only 99.95$/mo.

Now tell me It’s Expensive or not.

Let’s Understood Depply with Real Examples of Other Tools and how much they Charges.

SEOptimer ( site audit tool): They charge $19/mo.

Monitor Backlinks ( backlinks monitoring /Analysis tool ): The Starting Price of the only 1 User is 25$/mo.

SocialPilot ( Social media Poster ): their basic Plans start from 25$/mo.

KWFinder ( Keyword research tool ): Their basic plan starts from 49$/mo only.

They are the Poplar SEO tools But They charge Much more then SEMRush.

On calculating only the 4 tools it’s total cost 118$/mo, but SEMrush offers 40+ Advance Tools and they only Charge 99.95$/mo.

But It’s Not Affordable for Newbie it’s approx 100$ and This is a Huge amount for New Bloggers.

SEMrush Plans and their Prices

SEMrush Offers Three Plans like Pro, Guru, and Business and its Price is like 99.95$, 199.95$, and 399.95$/mo.

semrush plan and pricing

Let’s Talk about What SEMrush Gives on their plans with Price and what Features SEMrush gives you with Detail.

SEMrush Pro Plan

SEMrush Pro Plan is the Lowest and Starter plan of SEMrush which costs 99.95$/mo. This plan is Best for those who want to start blogging, Marketing, or any Starter business.

In this Pro plan, SEMrush gives us:

500 Keywords to track ( Daily Updates )
250 keyword metrics updates per month
3000 reports per day
10000 result per Report.
Upto 3 projects
5 Schedule PDF reports

SEMrush Guru Plan

This is the Most Popular Plan of SEMrush Which Costs 199.95$/mo and This is the Best plan for Small businesses or Agencies.

On this plan SEMrush gives us:

30000 result per report
5000 report per day
1000 keyword metrics updates/mo.
Upto 15 projects
1500 keywords track ( daily update )
20 schedule PDF Report
content Marketing
Branded PDF report

SEMrush Business Plan

This Business plan js Most Expensive plan of SEMrush its costs 399.95$/mo. This is Fir Big Company, Agencies, and Big E-Commerce Projects.

On this SEMrush Gives us:

50000 Results per Report
10000 reports per day
5000 keywords metrics updates /mo.
25 projects 
5000 keywords to track ( daily basis )
50 Schedule PDF report
Content Marketing platform
Branded PDF report
Google Data Studio Integration
White label PDF reports

Does SEMrush Offer any Free Plans?

Well yes, Not everyone knows this SEMrush offers Free Plans with Some Limitations in which You get access to Limited tools with limited Reports per Day.

Limitations on SEMrush Free Account:

Upto 10 searches in the Domain Analysis tool.
Only 10 Keyword Research in this plan.
You can Only View the top 10 Results in each report.
Only Save One project.
Only 10 keywords can be tracked using the position tracking tool.
Cannot save any keyword search in the Keyword magic tool
Your Site is limited to 100 Pages Crawled.
2 Queries only In the Topic Research tool.
10 SEO ideas Per month.

Now I m gonna tell you that,

How You can create SEMrush Free Account?

Steps to create SEMrush Free Account.

Step 1: Click Here to go SEMrush Website.

Step 2: After that Click On Sign Up Buttons at the Right of the Corner.

Step 3: Now Enter Your Email and Password and Click On Create Your SEMrush account button.

after clicking on Create Your SEMrush account button, you will be Redirected to Choose the 7 – days trial.

To get SEMrush Free Account you have to follow step 4.

Step 4: Click on the Skip Trail button.

Now, You Successfully Created your SEMrush Free Account.

How to get SEMRush PRO Free Trail for 7-days Worth $99?

Want SEMRush PRO free trial for the next 7 days? Then you must have followed this simple step.

Step1: First Click on this URL which will take you to the Official SEMRush page.

Now, Click on ” Get a Free 7-day Trial Button”.

Step2: Now you’ll see a page where you have to Register for your Free trail with your Email address and password.

Step3: Now you have to Only need to enter your Credit Card Details to Get SEMRush Free trial for 7 days.

SEMrush Tutorial & Reviews: 10 Amazing Benefits of Using SEMrush

let’s talk about their 10 Amazing benefits of Using SEMrush that helps you to gain Traffic and Rank your blog faster.

Btw, are you using SEMrush or want to Use that?

Here is a Discount of You Get 7 days Free Trial On SEMrush Click On the Given Discount Link.

Now, Let’s Check the Benefits Of Using the SEMrush Seo tool.

1 ) Topic Research: Find lots of Blog post Ideas

This tool is very helpful for everyone who doesn’t know how to find Ideas related to their niches.

This tool will help you to find lots of blog post ideas with category wise and this is one of my favorite features.

Now, Let start

How to Find Blog Post Ideas Using SEMrush Topic Research tool?

Want to know how to find lots of blog post ideas for your blog and website, then you much follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the SEMrush Pro account dashboard and Click on Topic Research.

Step 2: After that you see this type of interface, if you want to find blog post ideas related to your blog then you can Enter Your niches and then click on Get Content Ideas.

Step 3: Now after clicking you see this type of Interface where it Shows lots of blog post ideas for your blog.

one thing more if you want to save or Export your Blog Ideas then Click on the export option given on the Right Corner. So you can Save your Blog post ideas to your Computer, Smartphone, or any device.

this is the most amazing tool I ever saw, so you must try this tool for your blog post ideas.

2 ) Keyword Magic Tool: Find the best keywords for your blog post

This tool helps you to find low Competition long-tail keywords in just a few clicks. So Must Read and follow all the tips and steps.

How to Find Keywords Using SEMrush Keyword Magic tool?

Now, here I’m gonna tell you how you can find keywords for your blog posts using SEMrush keyword Magic tools.

Follow all the steps will help to find easy to rank long-tail keywords.

Step 1: Go to SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool and enter your focus keyword on it.

Let’s Understand with Some Images

Suppose, your Niche or focus keyword is ” Workout ” and you want to find keywords Related to ” Workout ” which can easily rank on Google. So, You have to Type ‘ Workout ” and Click on the Search button.

On this Image, You can easily see that its Showing 9,00,000+ keywords Related to ” workout“.

Step 2: So we are Finding Long Tail keywords then you have to Click on ” Advanced Filter ” to apply some Conditions that give you easy to rank keywords.

On this Image, you will see 7 Option On Advanced Filter.

Word Count
KD (Keyword Difficulty )
SERP Feature
Result in SERP

We have to Target a low KD long-tail keywords with A good amount of traffic.

Then we have to apply some Filters:

Word count: You have to set the minimum value of word count = 4 So they only show you Longtail keywords.

KD: Set the Maximum Value of KD= 30, so they only show those keywords in which KD is less than 30.

Volume: You have to set the Minimum Value of Volume = 3That shows show you the Volume of keywords more than 300 or Equal to 300.

Step 3: Now you Will see that after applying the filter, they show me lots of Long tail keywords Which KD is Lower than 30 and the Volume is Greater than 300.

This is the way you can easily find your Long tail keywords with low competition and High Search volume and its easily rank.

3 ) Steal Keywords: Steal the Keyword of Your Competitor Using SEMRush

Do you know When an Article rank on Top of the pages they don’t rank only in One Keyword but also rank for 1000+ Related & Similar keywords?

So If you want to write an article on any topic then you should steal all the Keywords for which the articles rank in Top 3 on Google.

To find these all similar keywords you have to Use this SEMrush to Find all Organic keywords.

Note: You have to use all the Similar keywords on your Article Naturally don’t Over Optimize.

Must-Follow all these steps to Find Your Competitor Rank keywords.

How to Steal keywords from Your Competitor’s Ranked Articles?

Now I’m gonna share with you how you can Steal Keywords from your Competitor top Rank Articles.

Use SEMrush to Steal Keywords from your Competitor 

Step 1: You have to Open Your SEMrush Dashboard and Enter your Competitor url ln the Search Box and Click on the Search button for search.

Step 2: Now You can see On the Bottom Organic Search Result section. You can See Top 10 Ranked article .

If you want to Check all the Keywords for which the #1 article is Ranked then simply click on the Url.

Step 3: Now Scroll the Page down the “Top Organic Keyword”  section and click on the “View all Organic Keywords”.

And this Will Show you al the Keywords rank on the #1 article.

Now You can Repeat all these and find all Rank keywords of your Competitor.

4 ) Site Audit: Improve your Ranking with the help of Site Audit

Do you know What is Site audit and What are the uses of Site Audit? All these question’s answers are given below.

If you Want to Improve your Ranking then you have to Do the Site audit of your Website time to time it very effective on your ranking.

To activating the Site audit feature You should Create a Project and activate them for one time only after that SEMrush will do Site audit Of Your Website on Regular basis and they send your website Full Report via E-mail.

SEMrush Finds issue on your Website and Gives you the reason why are you getting this type of Issue and the Best part is SEMrush will give you tips that How you can fix these issues.

Let’s talk

How to Activate Site Audit on SEMrush?

Now, I’m going to share Step by step tutorial which will help you to SetUp Site Audit Easily.

Follow These Steps 

Step 1: You have the to Open SEMrush project and Click On the “Site audit” Tool.

Step 2: It automatically Audits your site and Gives you a Detail report.

Now You can see on the given Image its Providing Complete Site audit Based on:

International SEO
Site Performance
Internal linking

Step 3: on the Bottom, you can Check all the Issues of your Site.

They also give you tips on how you can fix this.

Things You Can Check With SEMrush Site Audit Tool

Here I share some amazing Benefits of doing site audits with SEO.

1 Crawlability

You Wil Get Complete Crawlability Report and also can Track Following things on Your Crawlability report:

Indexable Pages
Non-indexable pages
Temporary redirects
Permanent redirects
Duplicate content
Pages canonicals to other pages
Large page size
Slow pages load speed
Blocked from crawling
4xx error
5xx error
Redirect chains and loops

2 Site performance

This SEMrush Site audit Check your page speed and It also suggests What’s affecting page speed and How you can improve it.

3 Internal Linking Suggestions

On-Site audit tool here you can Get an Internal linking section where go and Check all Internal and External Link error.

Its also checks Your Internal Linking Issues:

Broken Internal Links
Malformed links
Broken external links
Too many on-page links
No, follow attribute in internal links
And many more

Site audit tool Gives that you can Find All of the Powerful pages of your website because of SEMrush gives you the ILR ( Internal linking Rank ) score from 1-100.

Highest score = Powerful pages

So this way you can Fix all the Internal Link issues and All Technical issues to improve the Ranking of your articles this is the benefits of using the SEMRush Site Audit tool.

5 ) SEMrush SEO Writing assistant: Write SEO Friendly Article

These tools help you to write a Fully Optimization SEO Friendly Articles so this tool is Recommended to use SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant.

This Tool only available for Google Docs ( as an Add-on ) and WordPress ( as a Plugin )

Let’s check

How to Use SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant tool?

Here I share a small tutorial about how you can use the “SEO Writing Assistant Tool” with Steps So must Follow these step by step.

Step 1: Open Your Google Docs software and Click on Add-on >>SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant>>Show.

Step 2: Now On right Sidebar, You Will see SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant  Dashboard.

You can Enter your Targeted or Focus Keywords in it and click on “Get Recommendation” buttons.

This Tool Will show Most important Things:

Your overall SEO score
Readability score
Suggest average word counts 
Find Related keywords that you can include in your article.
Inform you about Keyword stuffing
Check your Content Plagiarism

I think you Understood all things about SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant to Write an Optimized Article.

6 ) SEMRush SEO Content Template: Get Content by entering a keyword

This tool helps you to create a perfect SEO Optimized article template for your blog post.

How to use the SEMrush SEO content template tool?

On this topic I gonna share a detailed review and tutorial of SEO content template,

so you have to follow these simple step by step guide:

Step 1: open your SEMrush dashboard and click on the SEO content template.

Step 2: After that enter your focus keyboard and click on create SEO template.

Step 3: Now SEMrush analyze the top 10 ranking articles and gives you a perfect content

A template where you will get blog ideas about it.

Suggest you websites where you can get powerful backlinks for your articles.
The word counts of York article.
LSI keywords to use in your article.
Suggest keywords which you should include in your headings.
And many more

7 ) On-Page SEO Checker: Tips to optimize your content for higher ranking

SEMrush is the only Advance SEO tool that provides us ” ON-Page SEO Checker ” Which is not available on any other tools.

You know That the Good and Quality Content is the Main Factor of Ranking so If your Article Don’t Rank on Google Then you do something Wrong on your On-Page Seo.

SEMRush On-Page Seo Checker Tool Check Your article for all Major Ranking Factors and It’s Automatically Suggest you which Can Help you to Improve Your Ranking on Google.

How to use the SEMrush On-page SEO checker?

Here I Share a Small SEMrush Tutorial and review of an On-page SEO checker tool.

Must-Follow these Steps

Step 1: First Open your SEMrush dashboard and click on your project now click on-page SEO Checker section.

Step 2: Now it will show you an overview of all the ideas of your sites.

Step 3: After that Scroll down the page and you will see that the top pages of optimizing section where you can fix your on-page SEO mistakes easily.

And it has an advanced feature that it also checks your article with top 10 ranking articles on Google and this tool suggest you the following things:

Semantically related words: must use this type of words in your article to enrich your content.

The best source for getting backlinks: get backlinks from getting top 10 ranking articles website to improve your ranking.

Content-length: This will check the words count of the top 10 rank articles and suggest you write average words on your article.

Keyboard usage: this widget also checks top rank articles and suggest you the number of times you should add focus keyword on your articles.

Keyword stuffing: if you are done on your article then the SEMRush will suggest you remove all the keyword stuffing from your article.

And lots of features are available on-page SEO checker tool.

This is so much amazing because this will truly help you a lot to solve your mistake hand improves your ranking.

8 ) Backlink audit: Find and remove bad backlinks

everyone knows that backlinks are one of the major ranking factors on Google so you have to make good and high-quality backlinks to improve your ranking on Google.

But also you have to remove your bad backlinks from your website because they affect a negative impact on your website.

If you are a user of semrush then you know no about that feature of semrush.

SEMrush Backlink Audit: This tool can easily track and disavow the bad backlinks from your website.

Here I am going to share a detailed tutorial and review of the backlink audit tool,

So follow the steps to remove bad backlinks from your website:

Step 1: open your SEMrush account and click on the Backlink Audit.

Now you can see your all backlinks profiles.

Step 2: now you can see that on the right side of the screen of the average package you can see the toxic score and the delete option.

So you can select the backlinks which have the toxic score more than 45 and Click on delete Button or Disavow bad Backlinks.

Step 3: Now move all the backlinks to the disavow tab and export all the Bad backlinks files in txt format.

Step 4: Now you can go to the Google disavow tool and submit the TxT file and remove all the bad backlinks from Google.

this is the way that you can remove all the bad things from your site just on few clicks from SEMrush Backlinks Audit.

9 ) SEMrush Position Tracking: Track your Keywords Ranking Position

SEMrush offers you to track the ranking  Position of all of your keywords.

You have to set up position tracking for the first time and SEMRush will track the ranking of your articles keywords from time to time.

It’s will help you to understand which keywords your ranking improving or decreasing.

How to track the ranking of your keyword using SEMrush?

Here I am gonna share a small tutorial review of SEMRush position tracking,

So Must follow these simple steps:

Step 1: open your SEMRush dashboard and open your project.

Now click on the rank tracker

Step 2: now you have to click on over You tab and it’s so your ranking of all the keywords and the positions.

This is the way you can track your Keyword ranking and position.

10 ) GAP Analysis Find Missing Keywords & Backlinks

This is one of the most amazing features o

Some features that this tool helps you with several things:

This tool helps you to find the keywords of your competitor that are ranking on Google but you are not.
This tool tracks the keywords for which your competitor is ranking on the first page and you are on second to the last page.
This to help you to find the websites from which your Competitor builds backlinks but you are not.

SEMrush Offers 3 Types of GAP Analysis Features:

Keyword Gap
Backlink Gap
Bulk analysis

Keyword Gap

 This will help you to find all the keywords for which your competitor is ranking on Google but you are not.

How to use SEMrush keyword Gap tool?

Here I’m gonna share a detailed review of the SEMrush Keyword gap tool.

So follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open your SEMrush account and Click on keyword Gap under the Gap analysis.

Step 2: On the first field enter your domain and the second field enter your competitor domain URL and click on the compare button.

Step 3: after comparing you will get a detailed analysis report

SEMrush Divides Keywords in 7 Different Ways:

1 Shared Tab: on this tab, you can check all the keywords for which you and your computer both are ranking on Google.

2 Missing Tab: on this tab, you will get a list of all the keywords for which your competitor is ranking but you are not.

3 weak tab: In this tab you Will get a list of all the keywords for which your computer is ranking higher but your ranking is lower.

4 Strong Tab: in this tab, you can check all the keywords for which you are ranking higher as compare to your competitor.

5 Untapped Tab: in this tab, you get a list for which you are not ranking but at least one of your competitors is ranking.

6 Unique tab: on this tab, you get a list of those keywords for which you are ranking on Google but your competitor not.

7 All Keyword Tab: on which tab you can check the keywords for which at least one of the Enter domain is ranking.

On this Backlinks gap, you can find all the websites where your competitor is building a Backlinks but you are not.

This tool can help you too to get a high-quality backlinks source that can improve your ranking on Google.

Bulk Analysis

On this bulk analysis section you can add many websites that are you want to check that’s some following things about these domains:

Number of backlinks
Referring domains
Authority and many more

This is the way you can find your keywords Gap and Backlinks Gap.

And This Will Help you to Improve Your Ranking And Beat your Competitor.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) Related to SEMrush Tutorial

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is the most popular SEO tool that helps you to do keyword research topic research competitor analysis rank tracking battery audit site audit and many more

Can we use SEMrush for FREE?

yes, you can because SEMrush also offers a free trial so that anyone can try this tool free of cost

Is Semrush is better than ahref?

yes because semrush is better than ahref and other tools it provides an amazing feature that is missing on other tools like ahref.

What’s the monthly cost of SEMrush?

The Starting plan of SEMrush starts from 99.95$  per month.
SEMrush offers three Types of plans like Pro, GURU, and business. All the plans are best in their places you can buy any of the plans according to your requirements

Final Words About SEMrush Tutorial

In the above article, I share a Deep Review of SEMrush that how much features provide us and How it’s not expensive.

SEMrush Give Us A Bunch Of SEO tools That’s Can Boost Your Website Ranking Easily.

This Tool Help on Beating Competitor, Finding High traffic long-tail keywords, blog Ideas, Create High-Quality Backlinks and Many More Feature are Available On this SEO tool.

SEMrush Free Trial: Click Here to Get a Free Trial of SEMrush ( Worth 99.95$ )

if you click on the given link then you don’t have to apply a promo code or coupon code this will automatically apply Discount.

With the given link you can get a 100% discount on your SEMrush SEO tool.

Is this SEMRush Tutorial & review Found Helpful then Please share this To Your friend and Gives us Feedback On the Comments.


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