Top 5 Best Ahrefs Alternatives SEO Tools in 2022

Hey! Are you Looking for the best and Affordable ahrefs alternatives tools?

if yes, then you are in Right Place

in this article, I’m gonna Share Some 5 Best and Affordable ahrefs alternatives tools.

We know that Ahrefs is one of the most popular and best all in one SEO tools that Offer lots of Features like Keywords research, Content Research, Backlink checker, Check top pages, etc.

And Ahref is the Second Largest Crawler after Google and its tools gave us Accurate Data on:

Site Auditing
Keywords Explore
Search Engines Results
Site Link Profiles

In fact, ahref have a huge Data over 150+ million keywords in the US alone.

Why are we Looking for Ahrefs Alternatives?

As you know that Ahrefs is the Best SEO tool and that provides us great Features but With a high price. it’s a charge very high for those who just thinking to start their in SEO field.

Not for their price also for their Some Features that Ahrefs doesn’t provide us. But on the same price as ahref, Some other alternatives offer us Many tools.

let’s Talk about Ahrefs Downsides:

First of all the Site auditing features, that’s Ahrefs provide us are Weaker Compared to other SEO tools like SEMrush.

Ahrefs doesn’t Display the Backlinks toxic score, unlike SEMrush.

It is not the Best tool for advertisers it lacks some important PPC, PLA, and Other Advertising Metrics.

That why I decided to share a Cheap and Best Ahrefs alternatives that are Give you amazing features like ahref with Cheap Price.

let’s start With their Prices and their Features.

Top 5 Best Ahrefs Alternatives SEO Tools

Lets Start our Unbiased reviews of Ahrefs Alternatives

SEMrush – All in One SEO tool ( Ahrefs alternatives )

Recently I shared a Full Detailed review of SEMrush and their SEO tools but Let me Share you a Short Review of SEMrush.

SEMrush is the most popular and one of the best SEO tools is available in the market.

This tool has many features that are helpful for New bloggers, advertisers, and marketers.

SEMrush Offers you a Huge Collection of SEO tools Likes:

Keywords Research
Topic Research
Backlinks Analysis
SEO Score Checker
Competitor Analysis
Site audits
Traffic analysis

And many more.

so If you are looking for The best all in one SEO toolkit then You have to go with SEMrush. it is the best choice for you.

Let’s Check Out their FEATURES

SEMrush has the biggest keyword database than Ahref. It gives you More keywords Search results with its Keywords magic tool.
You can Track your Keywords position With SEMrush Keywords position Mobile app.
SEMrush Offers you to analyze the Traffic of your Competitors with Traffic Analytics. its Shows you the Bounce rate, average Page visit Duration, and On-page Metrics of your Competitor.
SEMrush Display the Trend Graph for Every keyword you Search.
SEMrush has the Best and helpful features to Get ideas from You Keywords with the Topic Research Tool.
On SEO content Template SEMrush Give you the SEO strategy you need by Analyzing the Top 10 competitor on SERPs.
SEMrush has better Competitors Advertising Research Features like Display Advertising, PPC, and PLA research.

Now let’s Check their Prices according to their Plans.

SEMrush Offer 3 Pricing Plans Like:

Pro plan ( $99.95/mo )

Guru Plan ( $199.95/mo)

Business Plan ( $399.95/mo )

SEMrush Pro Plan is the Starter plan for $99.95/mo. on this plan, you get 3000 reports per day, 5 Project, and Historical data, Product Listing ads, etc.

if you are new on the blogging or freelancer then you should go with the SEMrush Pro plan, this is more than enough.

But for the Agencies you must go with higher plans like Guru and Business plans it’s Best For you.

If you want to Try SEMrush without paying any Cost then I have a Special Link for you It gives you SEMrush 7 days FREE trial and it’s enough to get the experience of SEMrush all tools.

Check Out SEMrush FREE Trial for 7 Days

As you know all SEO tools have their own Pros and Cons so Now,

Let’s talk about SEMrush Pros and Cons

Pros of SEMrush – Ahrefs alternatives 

it has the biggest keyword and backlinks Database.
SEMrush Comes with intelligence add on For Traffic analysis.
It gives you Superior advertising features.
SEMrush gives you Content Marketing Features.
it’s Give you Feature Rich Report.
it’s Gives you 7 Days FREE Trial

Cons of SEMrush ( Ahrefs alternatives )

It takes time to learn all the SEO tools for Newbies.
the user interface is not Good as Ahrefs.

As you See SEMrush comes with all Powerful SEO tools for Beginners to advance bloggers and for marketers to take their business to the Next Level.

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2 SERPstat ( Affordable Ahrefs Alternatives ) 

SERPstat is another best and all in one SEO tool which is Similar to ahref and it’s affordable in price. It helps to Explore Your Competitor, PPC, content marketing, Search analytics, Content Marketing ideas, and much more.

Now Let’s Check their Features

SERPstat Offers many helpful tools like

keyword research, backlink analysis, position tracking, Site auditing, and Competitor analysis, and many more.
SERPstat Display “Most popular keywords” for your Main keywords.
This tool allows you to track your ranking from a specific city.

Pricing of SERPstat

SERPstat Offers you 4 Plans like:

Lite  ( $69/mo )

Standard ( $149/mo )

Advanced ( $299/mo )

Enterprise ( $499/mo )

SERPstat pricing starts at $69/month on this plan this tool offers you about 4000 keywords queries /day, 10000 results queries /day.

This Lite plan is Enough for those who are a beginner and for small Business.this plan gives access to More than 20 PPC, SEO, SEM tools.

But if you need a White-labeled report, then you have to goo with their Highers plan like the Advance plan of higher plans that is an Enterprise solution that costs $499/month.

Let’s Check their Pros and Cons

Pros of SERPstat ( Ahrefs alternatives )

This tool automatically Identity your Competitors where you have to Enter your Domain to get a full list of your Competitor.
Comes with Fairly Affordable API integration.
SERPstat Keywords research tools give you a wide range of Suggestions and also Keyword Difficulty.
It’s Comes with real SERPstat Analysis features.
SERPstat site audit tool is Really Good and It gives you Detailed Reports.

Cons of SERPstat ( ahrefs alternatives )

They Don’t Give you Trail
Backlink Database is Not as huge as SEMrush or ahrefs.
SERPstat Allow you to Track your Ranking from Local Cities,and it is best for local is Best Tool for agency, Enterprises who Are looking for affordable SEO budget Tool.

Mangools – Budget SEO tool for Blogger 

Mangools is most popular and one of the best keyword research tool on this time. Mangools have their Own SEO tools like KWFinder, SERPChecker,LinkMiner , SERPwatcher and Site Profiler and this is Enough for Bloggers.

Lets Check their Features

You can Find Long tail Keyword from KWFinder and Rank Higher.
You can Analyse your ranking with SERPWatcher.
SERPWatcher Support both Device Mobile and Desktop Search Result.
Mangools have their both Chrome and Firefox Extensions.
KWFinder Difficulty score is Better then any Tools.

Pricing of Mangools

Mangools offers 3 plans premium plans like 

  • Mangools Basic ( $49/month )
  • Mangools Premium ( $69/month )
  • Mangools Agency ( $129/month )

As you see Mngools Comes with their Three Plans and The Pricing starts from $49/month with access to 100 keyword Research per hour and 25 Competitor Keywords Per Search.

but if you go with Mangools higher plans then Mangools allow you to do Unlimited Competitors keywords per search.

Best Part is Mangools Gives you 10 days Free Trail with Access of all of its Tools and features.

Lets Check their pros and Cons

Pros of Mangools ( Ahrefs Alternatives )

Keyword Difficulty Score is accurate
Comes with Chep price Comparison of other SEO tool.
User Interface is Awesome
Gives you Free Decent Browser Extension

Cons Of Mangools ( Ahrefs Alternatives )

They Dont have White Labelling Features
Doesn’t Give you Most Important features like SEMrush or Ahrefs.
Not Good at Advertising 
Doesn’t have their own Backlinks Database.

Mangools Is the Best and Chep SEO tool for Bloggers and Its have the Best KWFinder for Long tail Keyword Research and its Difficult is Much accurate then Other SEO tools.

SEO PowerSuite ( Ahrefs Alternatives )

SEO PowerSuite gives you a powerful pack of the tools like SEO spyglass, link assistant and rank tracker and much more.

This tool have advance on page SEO analysis.

Features Of SEO PowerSuite

This Tools Gives you Search Data from your Local Region.

You Can Determine the quality of your Backlinks with Metrics like Inlink score, Backlinks Traffic and penalty score with SEOSpyGlass.

On SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker you can Easily Analyze the Ranking of your pages In 300 search engines of Other Countries.

SEO PowerSuite Keyword Database gives you Relevant keywords from Google Keyword planner, SEMrush and Search Console analytics etc.

Pricing of SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite comes with a Free Plan with Unlimited site acess and Keyword with certain limitations.

They have also their premium plans like 

Professional and Enterprise and the cost Of the plans are $499 and $699 with Lifetime License.

If you are Advanced Blogger then you have to go with Theri professional Plans and for Agencies you have to Go with their Enterprise plans.

Lets Check their pros and Cons

Pros of SEO PowerSuite ( Ahrefs Alternatives )

its Gives you a Free plan
its Comes with One time Fee 
You can Purchase any Individual Tools also.
It has best SEO auditor in the MARKET 
their RANK tracker is Really Good and one of the best and affordable.

Cons of SEO PowerSuite ( ahrefs Alternatives )

its Database is not huge as SEMrush or Ahrefs.

if you are Newbie and you don’t want to Invest money in Any SEO tool then SEO Powersuite Free plan is Best best option for you but Its have some Limitations. The Website Auditor and Rank Tracker is Very Good and Helpful.

MOZ Pro ( Ahrefs Alternatives )

This is the Most Oldest and Popular SEO tool in this  Industry its Comes with many Tools like:

Keyword Research
Backlink Research
Rank Tracking
SEO Toolbar
Domain Analysis
SEO audit and Crawl
MOZ local

As you See Moz Local its Unique in MOZ its come with Management tools of your local Listing.

Features of MOZ pro

Its Gives you a Detailed analytics to improve your Search Engine Ranking.
Moz Keyword Explorer Suggestions gives you 95% Accuracy as per their claims.
Based of their Keyword difficulty, Volume and Organic clicks you can easily Determine the Competition of Keyword.
Moz Comes with Link explorer for link Building with this you can easily Analyze your Competitors Backlinks Profile.
You can Easily check your Spam Score from Moz Spam score Checker.
Its Rank Tracker tools allow to track You Ranking in 200+ Country’s search Engine.

Pricing of MOZ Pro ( Ahrefs Alternatives )

Moz Doesn’t have any FREE plan it has 4 Premium Plans like:

Standard Costs $149/mo, Medium Costs $149/mo, Large plan costs $249/mo and Premium plan cost $599/mo.

Moz Gives a 30 days of FREE Trail in all Premium Plans.

Lets Check their Pros and Cons 

Pros of MOZ ( Ahrefs Alternatives )

Gives you 30 days Free Trail
Moz Local Give you Good Feature for Getting in sync with Updates.
You get access to their MOZ webinars full Of actionable Advices.

Cons of MOZ ( Ahrefs Alternatives )

User interface not good
Difficult to Navigate the Features
lack of powerful Tools.
Not provide Value for money.

Moz Pro is More Suitable for SEO agencies and House SEO teams.

Final Thought

On this Article i gave many Alternatives of Ahrefs and they Offers their Features with their Plans and according to theri Prices.

If you are Advanced Blogge and you are Confuse to Choosing them then i will suggest you to Go with SEMrush.It is best all in One SEO tools platform and SEMrush Comes with Powerful Features.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost incurred to you.

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